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Craigslist listing in Bozeman, MT

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A Bradley and an Oklahoma Joe offset for sale in Bozeman. Anyone recognize the OJ in terms of age and quality? What do you think of the price?
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Do ya have a link?
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heres the link...little small for me.
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Both look to be good deals, but too far away for me.
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Sorry, meant to post the link. GOT14U has since posted it in his reply.

E-mailed the seller. He said he got the offset at Costco about 5 years back. Said as far as he can tell that Oklahoma Joe's is the brand . . . I thought New Braunfels and then Char-Broil had bought out the Oklahoma Joe's brand years ago. He said it weighs about 200 lbs and that it's pretty heavy duty.
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The fire box looks to be on the wrong side to be an Ok Joe.
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Here's what the seller said:

I got it at Cosco about 5 years ago. It had a Oklahoma Joe name and sn# on the tag that is on the lid. As far as I know it is it's own brand. They might have been bought out by now, don't know. The thing wieghs about 200 lbs. Heavyduty.
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Donny you could hold out for a horizontal drum smoker I am going to put together just for $hitz and giggles. It would be bigger for ya. just a thought but that seems to be a good deal
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Sounds good to me. I wasn't really considering that OK Joe for me anyway. I've got a cousin in Bozeman that smokes with an electric and I was thinking he might be interested in doing some stick burning.
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Also, I'm a sucker for a deal. My neighbor is moving away and is having a garage sale today. I already bought an electric tile saw and an aluminum frame military backpack for $10 and I see that he has an electric ECB out front that he'd probably sell for $5. I really don't need an ECB at this point, but if it's still there this afternoon, I'll probably have to do them a $5 favor don't ya think!?! icon_mrgreen.gif

After all, you can't have too many smokers (my wife would strongly disagree!).
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If that smoker was a 2 hour drive for me, I do know what I would be doing today.
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Mossy - if you really wanted it, we could probably work something out. I'll be heading up home in a couple of weeks . . . home being just 10 miles from the ND border near Williston.
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You really have me thinking now..... Wish I could see it in person. I am going to think about it for the day and email the seller a few questions.
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By the way Mossy, I've been reading a lot about Pig Candy lately and I was thinking about trying it with some venison bacon. Have you ever made pig candy out of venison bacon?
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No I haven't, I never thought of it.....good thinking.
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Here is the sellers reply so far, sounds pretty descent -

I am interested in the Oklahoma Joe. Can you tell me the thickness of the metal and how much rust it has?
Has rust thinned out the bottom steel or created any holes in the firebox or smoking chamber?
Is there an exterior handle on the outside of the firebox for lifting and moving the smoker?
If possible can you send me additional pic’s of the interior rust and of the entire unit including cart and wheels.
Thanks, Marty
I will pull the grates out and inspect it for rust. None visible from the out side. Spent first 4 years under cover until it fell apart. There is a handle on the fire box, and 2 wheels on the opposite side. I will try to get some pics to you before the weekend ends if that I'd ok.

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Sounds like a deal is about to be made. points.gifto donnylove for bringing the two parties together.

Mossy--I've seen pictures of your arsenal, and you're not short an SFB smoker. It must be great to have an understanding wife that loves smoke as much as you do!
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She doesn't understand, just shakes her head !!! I allready mentioned this one to her. If she wants to shut me off, all she needs to do is buy me a Lang.

I am still waiting for the seller to reply with additional pics and information. But I agree, thanks to donnylove for the offer.....points.gif
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that's what i thought but mine is on that side too and it is an older BBgahoar jobbie but the original papperwork gvin too me says okjoe/NB. i think they used to be a vender for them and others............
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Wouldn't that be Bamby Candy?icon_question.gif
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