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4 fatties ready to go

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I'm doing a long cook tommorow, so I made some fatties to take up space in the smoker, might as well be full right icon_mrgreen.gif

I saw smokefever put abt's inside a fattie. Sounded good. I let out the bacon on the ABT since it won't cook enough and filled this puppy full of cream cheese naked ABT's

This one is a chicken pizza fattie. Chicken breast instead of sausage, pepperoni, motz, and pizza sauce.

I'm starting the smoke at 2am, so I decided to throw on a breakfast fattie to pull at 8. Eggs, cheese, and salsa

I wanted to try a beef fattie, so this one is a taco fattie. Ground beef, taco seasoning, cheese, pico.

These should be some nice additions to the main courses cooking tommorow.
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Looks like you will have a good time tasting your work. I am doing my first fattie today and can't wait to taste it
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Good luck on that 1st fattie. It's easy to get hooked on them and end up throwing one on every smoke.
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Yea those look really great. Especially the one with the onions. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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i feel like im gonna gain 10 lbs when i see the final products
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Really interested in that taco one, my kids would dig that I think. What was the main part of this smoke....might be overshadowed by the el' quatro fatties.
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Great looking Fatties so far there bud!!points.gifGood idea using the chicken...Can't wait to see the finished product!!
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Main reason for the long smoke is a butt, also doing these fatties, abt's stuffed schrooms, rib roast, chuckie, and country style ribs. This is all alongside a turkey and trimmings so it should be a feast.
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How did the chicken boob fattie turn out that thing looks incredible.
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Its for tommorows smoke, I'll let ya know.

I did 3 boobs a while back. Chicken fatties are great!
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