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Top Loin Roast--help

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Relative newby here, but I bought a 6-lb top loin pork roast at Costco tonight and I want to smoke it Sunday. Can/should this be smoked the same way as a picnic or shoulder? If not, what should I do different?

Thanks in advance.
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No a loin is too lean to cook that way.
Take it to 145'-150' and foil for 30 min for slicing.
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Thanks, Ron. About how long should I plan for, cooking at 220-230? Also there's a nice ribbon of fat along the edge--smoke with that side down?
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You might even consider wrapping it with bacon. Are you going to marinade or inject it?
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If it was me I would inject it, but then I inject most everything
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I picked up the same roast tonight. Its much smaller but the same cut I believe. I am going to throw it on tomorrow with my brisket and bring it up to around 140 and then slice it. I am looking forward to eating it for sure.
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The search feature should bring you more returns. I cook with the fat cap, if any, on the top. Let gravity help it keep the loin moist.

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