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ABT question

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I am going to be makeing ABT's tonight for smoking tomorrow. I read the sticky and it said to use barley cooked bacon, is that really needed? Thanks in advance
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No.. I just use thin bacon and it comes out crispy everytime.. You can also put it under the broiler at the end to crisp it up.Happy smokesicon_mrgreen.gif
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I use the cheapest thinest bacon I can find for ABT's and I don't cook it at all before going into the smoker
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Yep I used the cheapest bacon I soul too. I have them all ready to go smoke tomorrow
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dont forget to sprinkle some rub on em tonight so it soaks in all night!!!
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What Jerry said works for me, simple and effective.
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Hmm forgot to put on the rub whule they are resting, So got up and did it, put some on the fattie I made too
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thats the way, the more rub the better the finished product!!!!
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I'm with mike and Jerry on this one. I use the thinnest cheapest bacon on all my Abt's for you would taste it very much for the japs are overpowering and then the stuffing helps out to.
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I like my bacon really crisp on anything I put it on so I usually end up slammin whatever I wrap in bacon under the broiler on high for just a few minutes. Works great and does it quick enough that it doesn't effect whatever I've smoked.
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cheap bacon, no precook. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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