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Need Dudestrami spice ratio's

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Ok I got a corned beef sitting in the fridge that is destined to become dudestrami this weekend. I know that most folks are rubbing with EVOO, and rubbing with pickling spice and old bay. Question is what kind of ratio do you use of the spices. 50 / 50 ? Any other spices to add?
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Whenever I do pastrami I love to use some black pepper and coriander that I toast in a pan before grinding up, some garlic, ground bay leaf, mustard seed and a touch of brown sugar, and chipotle but I put that in almost everything.
I don't generally measure but for a 5lb corned beef I would probably go

1Tbsp pepper
1/2T coriander
1t garlic
bay leaf is optional
1/4-1/2t mustard seed (not ground)
1/4t brown sugar
Give it a good coating, you want a nice layer of peppery rub to tantalize the taste buds.

I do find toasting the pepper and coriander add a wonderful depth of flavor the the finished strami.
Never added old bay, could be good with the flavor I suppose but I like to keep my pastrami more on the traditional side (with the exception of the chipotle)
Hope any of this was helpful, and good luck.
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That sounds like a winner to try FIU. Thanks!
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No problem.

Make sure that you soak your corned beef if needed, judge by doing the fry pan test and go from there.
Nothing worse than some pastrami that is too salty to eat.
I usually cure my own corned beef but being impatient I recently bought one that was pre cured and soaked it for 2 hours and didn't do the fry pan test.
Well after making it (the point cut) into pastrami bites I tested them and they were still so salty that it actually burned in the back of the throat.
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Appreciate the advice. I am soaking now and plan to soak for 8 hours before I rub and rest until tomorrow's smoke.
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