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Somebody's making a killing!

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Hell of a profit margin... lol.
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Well now thats the american way at work. I'll make it if you will buy it.
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It's only a profit IF he sells one. Kinda reminds me of Miron and his garbage can smokers.

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Miron's galvanized cans don't compare to a UDS. That's the American way, I hope he sells a bunch of them.
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Lets not crucify this guy just yet...

Lets look at the costs here...

"New" food grade drum from a districutor.
4 Ball Valves
Charcoal Basket
Weber Grate
Lid Handle
High Temo Paint
Misc Hardware

To buy everything "new" and not use anything "laying around" you're probablt somewhere in the ball park of $150 - $175 bucks. Say he puts 5 hours of work into it.

Not really a killing if all is new.

Just the other side of the argument.
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I've seen a couple on this forum I'd pay $300 for but probably not that one. Just aint $300 worth of pretty.PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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Would not give $300 for that, doesn't have near the paint job I've seen here in this forum!
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With the new barrel and all the stainless hardware I bet I have over $200.00 in mine. Every time I go to Lowes and walk past them grills I smile and say mine is better because I built it! PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif $300.00 is not unreasonable if your mechanically challenged.
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guess you never saw these busters
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Killing or not - it's the best of the free market system at work. Agree with Denver Dave though, not $300 worth of pretty.
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Also FYI I've been searching Portland and Eugene C-list and there really isnt much in terms of second hand smokers.

If you want to buy something new, either a WSM, that UDS, or you need to mod an offset, to get something around here of that kinda quality.

Otherwise there is a Horizon dealer near Portland, but that's at least 2-4X the amount. So if you cant weld, and you want a smoker of (hopefully) decent quality, you are a bit limited here.
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I say good for the person making these smokers and trying to sell them.


If he/she can make some money doing that as a part time(or full time) gig, working for himself, doing something he/she likes, its better than going to work for "the man" at some crappy job.
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I think I put around $125 roughly into my UDS when I made it this winter and I had to buy everything. But I guess you also have to consider your time. But if you are like me I consider it a habbit and figure I would just be sitting aound watching TV or something I could just as well build a smoker for fun. HMMMMM Maybe I should see if there is a market for UDS's on Craigs list around where I am from.
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The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Kaufman, TX as well.
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Considering the PNW is really devoid of decent smokers (Lang class and those other ones I drool over everytime I come here) we have to make do or go on a l-o-n-g roadtrip. We're basically stuck with what's commercially passed off as "smokers". Heck, I didn't know UDS's even existed until I wandered onto this site, and now I can even recognize one 3 out of 10 times. We're known for our coffee shops, one on each corner and two in the middle.

Kudos to this guy. If he's unemployed (Washington is 9.8% the last I heard, Oregon is even higher) at least he's found some way to make a buck, maybe.

At least it looks like it's built in America.
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If i were to make one to sell, 300 sounds like a good price to cover labor.
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Well I paid a $ 100.00 bill for my smoker Food grade drum and we built it together (The man had built about 50/60...Had all the parts (step drill bits webber grill and it was all new....Pizza pan,stainless steel bolts expanded metel fire basket ....and I didnt even know what a UDS was but when I finnished we had one built and I love it....Cheapest... best ..longest burn lump charcoal and stedy temps...We built it at a lake get together and I tell you,,,,I dont look back...
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With the times being the way they are and unemployment being so high if some one can make a few bucks selling these ...more power to them...and a big old kick in the a$$ to me for not thinking of it first!! LOL
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