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Exchange Roping with Cowgirl

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As all of you know, I have a very special picture of cowgirl that I have shared with you, but some of you don't know that Cowgirl and I did a little exchange. We are starting off small but hope to continue trading as time and material exists
Here is a picture of some of the items we exchanged so far
A few nice pieces of mesquite in a clear plastic bag. Don't know how dangerous these critters keeping them locked up.
Also in the picture see some plastic parts. I believe they are what the somebody might use to make a fatty piston. My 4 year old thought she need to dismantle it now we will rebuild it for testing.
I think that we need to get this exchange program up and running and offer an IPO to all investor types that wish to help it grow. We need to stand united and form a company that is willing to hogtie anybody who gets in there way.PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif
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wheres the pick of cowgirl?
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get involved in a company that is willing to hogtie anybody who gets in there way.PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif

Sounds kinky, but I think I like it!
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I must be out of the loop on something. I read this 5 times and have absolutely no clue what you're talking about. icon_redface.gif
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I'm with you on this one??????????????
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I think I'm going to read "Exchange Roping for Dummies"...
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I was a little lacking on sleep when I composed that, thus the confusion.

Here is the link for the picture of cowgirl
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lol Jay! Im not sure if any of the pistons I've sent arrived in one piece. lol They seem to come apart during shipping!

I appreciate the goodies you sent and can't wait to try them!

Thank you so much Jay!! biggrin.gif
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or "Exchange Roping for Drummies" !!!
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So how does that piston thingy work on a fatty? Is there a demo thread on it somewhere???
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Here's the last fattie I made...

I made my piston out of pvc ( used for potable water).. I cool my filling before stuffing into the tube, wrap and chill then eject it onto the fattie sausage. They are not needed for making fatties, they are just fun to use. :)
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Right on!!!!! Next question; when are you submitting the plans (or selling them)? I could figure it out on my own if I wasn't such an un-imaginative doofus.
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lol I don't sell the pistons or the plans. You can easily make them. biggrin.gif
I made this one using
2" inside diameter pvc...8 inches long (the pvc needs to be schedule 40 or used for potable water)
The inner piston tube is a 1" piece of pvc that is 11" long
I cut a disc from some thick plactic for my "plunger"
and attached a pvc cap on the other end to fit the palm of my hand.

You can also buy another version from Grillinski....

Hope this helps! You can make them any size you like. :)
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icon_eek.gifI thought it was a hotdog pump???icon_wink.gif
Awesome idea!!
I'm a plumber I think I can make one of those. LOLPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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