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Pheasant Brest Qview

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I seasoned the breasts and threw them on the smoker. Cooked them to 165* internal and pulled and sauced them. Left them wrapped in foil for about 20 mins. They looked wonderful, but came out a little dry. I did not brine them, and I guess wrapping in bacon would have helped a little also.
Here they are about half way. That's Rosemary sprincked on the top.

Sauced. They were still eaten, but I hope to do a better job and not let them be so dry next time.

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Looks good from here, Bottomline - that bird in the middle looks like a nice one!
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Man that brings back memory's. Opening weekend with my dad. Good times. Where did you hunt them?
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March Throwdown!!!!
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Took these birds on a Game Farm in Wisconsin.
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Nice. Look great.
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Now those look great to me I or we love pheasent in this here house hold. But I have never smoked them YET.
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Cube the breast, wrap in bacon. Smoke. Eat.
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