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Has anyone ever smoked these? I inserted an image from one of the brands available here, but there are several. Most of my friends eat these a lot, and and smoke them. I had some at a local BBQ place and they are HOT to me-but we don't eat anything too much hotter than Japs. Still, I am going to smoke six of these bad boys wrapped in bacon and stuffed with...? Something on Sat.
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I buy similar ones at Costco. A great appetizer is to smoke them for about 2 hrs. cut them on the bias, toss into a foil pan with some good BBQ sauce and then put them back in the smoker for another hour. That's some good eats!
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I believe thier no different then the Johnsonville? I smoke those a few times a month. Smother them in some onions & bells & you'll be a happy smoker
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