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SnP charcoal basket

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Does anyone know of a good pre-made basket I can get for my SnP? I have the side firebox that has the little 1" ledge on the inside.

I may also be curious to entertain somebody manufacturing one for me + shipping + beer costs. I cant manufacture anything myself, I live in an appartment.

Thanks all!
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I just followed this post and it was easy as pie, altering the size is easy enough. Home depot had that stuff just like they said. Otherwise people use those bbq wok thingy

Yea I forgot to add the link

See, I had it right there on my copy paste but I just never did it.
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This was just posted the other day. Apartment constraints shouldnt be a problem with this...if you want to pay me to make you one i will!!!

But if you dont want to make ANYTHING, go to lowes and look for the grilling basket with the grill accs. Many people use that too.
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Hmm cool thanks. I actually have some snips so I might be able to pull that off.

Wont be a 20/20 project, more like $20 + 2 hours as I get pissed about my lack of space / work area and interchange working on this with beer drinking.

Usually works out ok :D
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You can contact forum member Rivet. He has had some extremely nice ones made for several members here including myself. These are manufactured by a welder he knows locally. These are very heavy duty and very nice. I willpost a pic of mine tomorrow if you would like to see it. Right now I am posting on the Iphone
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I picked up Char-Broil Stainless Steel Shaker Basket at Lowes. I cut off the rivets for the center handle and cut the 2 other handles off. The basket fits perfectly in the fire box. I have a Brinkmann SnP. Have only put about 30 hours or so through the basket and has worked perfectly no problems. Great upgrade, well worth it. Cost was about $14
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Dude I did it, and your right it took me 2+1/2 days because I was too tired t mess with it. BUT an snip here, a snip there its like playing with legos, that easy. Bending it was the only pain in my butt.
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In my chargriller firebox I use the Charbroil shaker basket from Lowes. You can either drill out the rivets for the handel or I used a cut-off wheel and my dremel to cut off the stuff I didn't wan't/need. Then used (4) 3" bolts, some washers and nuts to stick out the sides and rest on the 1" ledges on the sides of my fire box. Works great! Cost about $20, and took only 10 minutes to put together.
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Try asking Rivet. He seems to have the inside on snp mods
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herky - rivet and i were talking about this very thing recently. his welder does the best job i've seen making a bulletproof, well-designed charcoalbasket out of heavy-duty material that will last without warping.

if you want one, send either him or me a PM!
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pictures and explanation can be found here:
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How much does he charge for one of those baskets?
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