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Temp to cook ribs

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Trying some spare ribs on my MES today and would like to know what temp is best to cook them at. My last smoker didn't have a gauge and I just turned it on and waited till they were done.
Will include Q-View when done.

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I like to run mine at at 225-240. I don't like them getting too dark as my rub has sugar in it.
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I'm a noob and will be smoking my first country style ribs on Saturday. The info I've received is to smoke them between 225-250. With spares use the 3-2-1 method and with baby backs the 2-2-1 method, but foiling is optional. I think I'm going to do half of them with adding foil in the middle of the smoke and the the other half without foiling at all.

I hope you're loving your MES. I've only had mine for a month and I'm loving it.
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Loving it so far. Haven't been able to use it as much as I would like as it has been raining here quite a bit and it is outside, covered of course.

thanks guys
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Yep what they said above. 225-250 using 3-2-1 or 2-2-1. I like foiling mine.
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I'm also a fan of the 3-2-1 method for ribs. I shoot for 235-240 temp. At that temp however I usually cut the foil time down to 1.5.
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So you keep it between 235-240 during the whole smoke, or is it just during foiling?
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I try to stay at 250 anytime I'm cooking pork
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What he said has worked for me for several years, I also use the 2.5-2-1 method for my likings on spares.
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Pretty similar responses. I don't foil, but I run them at 225 with an occasional spritz after 2 hours. They are done when they pass the bend test.
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I try to keep my temps around 225-250. Like bassman said, I also use sugar in my rub so you don't want that to start to burn onto the meat.

I finally tried the 3-2-1 method and was very impressed. Highly recommended.
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