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Ribs Cow

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How long? im marinading them in worsteshire sauce,orange juice,liquied smoke,2 shots of vinager,spaish seasoning and a lil water. I plan on in the morning ill dry rubing with onion powder,not sure brown or white suger,pinch of chilli powder,is that to much any tips i plan on cooking in a electric smoker stays about 225 for 6 hours ,not sure to wrap in aluiminum i have no apple juice any tips please help?
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Why would you possibly use liquid smoke? Isn't that what your smoker is for?
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True i wont use it than
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Bahahaha.... this made me actually laugh out loud. I love this place.

I do beef ribs one of 2 ways. I either rub them down with olive oil and season with salt, pepper, garlic, and onion or I season them down with dry rub for eatin like Pork Ribs. Good luck!
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+1 - can't add to this.
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Liquid smoke? Glad you changed your mind on that one. Leave it in the marinade overnight. Smoke them up just like a slab of spare ribs, 3-2-1, or your own variant. Low and slow on the heat, I believe you said 225 which is good. Shoot us some pictures of the finished feast.
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