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It's been a while

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I've really been busy doing so many other things it's been a while since I smoked anything. Finally got around to getting some pulled pork done today.

Started out with a real nice small shoulder.

Got some store bought rub (I was being lazy) put on it and ready for some smoke.

Here's some coals all heated up and ready to go.

Time to dump them on the other coals, minion style.

This is how I put the water in the pan,

Here we have shoulder on.

Got it cruising at a nice temp.

A few hours into it.

It's looking good right before time for foiling and resting,

All rested up and pulled ready to serve.

This time around I decided not to foil and really like the results. I'm not sure if I'll ever foil my shoulders again, it was that good.

Thanks for looking.
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That's some good looking pork, Rick! I like to do at least two at a time to make sure I have plenty of leftovers to freeze. Good stuff!
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I probably should have done more than one, it's mostly gone with very little leftover.
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That looks great! I love's me pulled pork. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job Rick. So you decided to not foil at the 165 deg range and let it cook all the way un-foiled to pulling temp? Then let it rest?
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great post Rick, and thanks for showing your method of getting the WSM up and going. I like the water pan filling method,

great looking pork as well. points.gif

I am a no foil guy until I take it off the smoker as well, glad you liked it.
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Looks like it came out great. No foil guy here either. I like the water add method, didn't think of that. Trying to put a full water pan in with the fire going without spilling is not fun. I may try going with the foil lined clay pot mod and see how I like it.
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Yes, no foiling till it was cooler time. I really liked how much better the bark turned out. It was still tender and juicy, it just had some really great bark.

Thanks fellows.

Ribs this weekend.
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I'm a no foil type too. Nice qview, Rick-now I'm really looking forward to doing butts this weekend. I've got two butts that I'm smoking for an after St. Patrick's Day get-together on the 13th. While I'm at it, I've got some dino ribs and a pork loin going down also. If'n Ma can find me a corned beef flat, I'll be doing some pastrami as well. Man-o-man, that Lang smoker is going to get a workout this weekend!!
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Thanks Dutch. I'm going to get the Horizon working this weekend as well. Doing some ribs to take to the sisters house.
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Now I am a foiling type of guy put I really like some good pulled pork and yours looks really good to. It's nice to see you back around too.
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Thank you.
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Man that was some good qview
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