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This is how you play a banjo

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yea boy!!
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Is it right to say Bela Fleck rocks!

Gotta love that crazy Prince looking case his banjo is encased in.
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Dudes....Bela does rock! And so does Victor Wooten. Been a fan for years now.
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Very nice indeed. I dlike to see him and les claypool in the room
kind of like dylan and donovan
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What the heck was the pirate playing? Thats a crazy looking instrument.
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Awesome music there.. I love it. The pirate is playing a homemade instrument that he built himself from what I understand.. he is a drummer and this is a guitar platform with drum sensors on it. His fingers and hands hit the drum sensors to reproduce the drum sounds.

Thanks for sharing.
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Triggers, I get it. Very cool!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I agree, great music... but am I the only one who thought I'd see this based on the title? icon_mrgreen.gif
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Yeah, no more sax for me after hearing that! But why is it on a BBQ forum?

Cuz the banjo was SMOKIN', that's why!
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Ifn we are gonna talk banjo I have to slip this in... a friend of mine. "Biscuit" 3 time national champion.... not much on the internet with him but you ought to hear this guy sittin around a campfire... anything from Foggy Mountain Breakdown to Stairway to Heaven. This is a short clip from some studio work he's been doin.
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Good stuff pignit...too short of a clip tho
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I know. I wish he had more on the internet. This guy is incredible to sit down and listen to. He plays any style and any song you can request. If I run into anymore clips I'll pass them on. He is an incredible talent...... also a great guy.
This is a clip I found from a cell phone video... sittin in his music shop just pickin.
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