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My First Butt - Thank you SMF!!

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Okay. It was Sunday & rain was not predicted in the weather. I knew this & had invited guests over earlier in the week. Two couples & two singles. So I fired up the Char Griller & had at it. Here is the line-up: Three racks of baby backs, One pork butt, two fatties & Chicken breasts / Legs.

Here is the butt. It was 5.77 lbs., smoked with hickory & cherry for eight hours @ 225-240 degrees. Pull @ 165, foiled & placed back in the smoker until 195 degrees. Pulled, double foiled & placed in cooler wrapped in a towel to rest for two hours. Only spritzed with apple juice twice before the first foil.

The baby backs after being washed & cleaned up.

I used the 2-1.5-1 method. I spritzed the ribs with apple juice before foiling at the 1.5 step. They rested in foil, wrapped in a towel in the cooler for 45 minutes.

Chicken marinaded in italian dressing. They were smoked as well with Hickory & Cherry & then finished on the grill.

Mushroom, onion & provoline & pepperjack cheese fatties with the same smoke.

We also had:

The cherry pie was a la mode with Black walnut ice cream.

Final product: Baby backs, pulled pork sandwiches on onion bread, sweet potatoe puree, roasted vegetables with melted cheese, homemade boston baked beans, smoked / grilled chicken, empanadas & pin wheels & asparagus wrapped in bruschetta.

Thank you for looking.
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WOW !!! Thats a feast right there.. Great job !! u deserve points.gif
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Good God man!! Your only feeding 6. That is some greaaaaat looking food. Next time, let me know and I'll help you get rid of some of that nasty Q. LOL

You done gooooooodPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That is an awesome meal there for sure did you have to roll the guests out afterward biggrin.gif I know I'd a needed help after all that points.gif
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that is a lot of food for 6 send me your address next time lol, it looks great
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That is a lot of Q man good work.
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Great job.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Man that looks like a great feast. I assume no one walked away hungry?

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Thank you very much. We try to provide good food for our guests.

I don't do measurements well. I would rather have too much than not enough. The product of coming from a large family I suppose. Thank you for the comments. And my address is 1313 mockingbird lane. I'll send you an invite next time.

They took plates as they hobbled away. My wife & I looked at each other & smiled. We we thinking, "YES!" Thank you

See above for the address. Thanks.

Thank you. I felt good doing it & nervous at the same time. I should have tested on my family first & not live subjects. But all & all, it worked out. Thank you.
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Thats a great looking spread! icon_mrgreen.gif
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I Thank you sir as I look up to your work.

There were plenty of paper plates & foil to go around. Thank you.
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All of that looks fantastic! Great job! points.gif
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Thank you. Wifey & I had gotten some sleep the night before, so we were ready for bear & I guess we got a little carried away.

Thank you sir. It tasted great as well.
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