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Help w/ Whole Hog....

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I have been approched by my buddy that is wanting a whole hog cooked for his 60th birthday party coming up in may, I have the smoker to hold about 120lb hog, and i have called the butcher to see what lead time and etc they need, so that is taken care of, but my question is what is some good advice about cooking one of these bad boys, I have never cooked a whole hog, and i am looking for some advice on what and how to make this happen.

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Boy!!! You're taking that new Lang to the next level already.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifToo bad I don't have any words of wisdom for you. Would like to hear how it comes out.
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LOL, he knew about me getting it, then when he came over this weekend, thats when he asked, and im like, uhh, i'll try it. Never done it before, but i'll put the Lang to the test doing it. Just as well use it for everything it's got.
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17 hours for the 120 pounders.

Have them keep it whole so you can stuff it and tie it up. You also want to tie the legs for presentation.

Membrane the inside, etc etc

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what would i stuff it with, and when you say membrane the inside, guess im not following you on that. Sorry, for the dumb questions.
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NO dumb questions, sorry for not answering completely. Sometimes I assume things.

The back of the rib cage (the guts side) has a membrane on it that allows the diaphram to flex creating a vaccuum and causing the lungs to fill. If you want the meat to flavor out, get in that cavity and remove that membrane.

As far as what to stuff it with, need to know what you want to make with it.

Luau pig? Pit barbeque pig? Cuban Pig? Brazilian style pig?

Just give us an idea of what you want to serve and we can list the stuff out for you.
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Pit BBQ pig, we will fix it up and put it on a Lang 60 for the cook.
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