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They need to outlaw Costco... w/ QVIEW

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So once again the Costco bug has bitten.... Found a pretty decent price on Tri-Tips so in the cart go two of them.. During further shopping some foreign looking substance ended up in our cart because SWMBO thought it sounded good.
To be fair I figured I'd do another side by side with Ron's Hint of Houston and this Kirkland;s Sweet Mesquite blah blah blah...

The Subjects after a quick rinse....

A quick splash of EVOO and 2 get Ron's Hint of Houston.

Two get the other...

Currently in the smoker at~240 gonna take them to about Med. 160 or so.
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I have the same problem with Costco. I go in for chips and come out with $200 of meat. (needed something to go with the chips)
Ribs are my downfall.
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By the way. I have never tried a Tri Tip. I'm looking forward to the qview. My neighbor loves that cut.
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I have the same issue - I always say it is CostMO because I spend way more than I should - every trip to there costs me about $45 in mixed nuts and $30 in Mozzarella to smoke not to mention the meat -
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2 hours in with a little spritz and a flip...

Think I'll do another loaf of beer bread to go with these too.. hmmmm thinking cheddar and Walla Walla Sweet Onion
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I love tri tip and those are looking good - Bread sounds great too
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I wish we had a Costco or Sams within 100 miles of here. Wife suggested we go to Wichita to the Sams but after the gas and $30 for renewing membership the savings would not be there-still, I wonder at the possibilities.
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Costco, AKA 'the $200 store'.
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Fresh out of the smoker and into some foil to rest.. Still waiting on the Mrs. to get home and the bread to finish up....

One of the Sweet Mesquite I foiled the other before I took a pic...

The two with Ron's Hint of Houston...
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Nice looking tri tips brother. I have never bought a bad one from Costco. I do get them cheaper at Staer Bros, our local So Cal Grocer of choice and usually stock em up. Tri tip is my second favorite cut of beef, only to the almighty Rib Eye!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I used to think it was a rule you had to spend at least $100 at Sams or Costco. They should sell a portable warehouse at the front of the store to take home to store all your items in after you get back. I do like to buy paper products there, TP, napkins, kleenex, paper towels, etc. but they only come in bales.
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Nice looking Tri-Tips!

I ahve the same problem at our local $ams club.
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Good looking tips! I still haven't tried them either but will soon (after seeing yours).PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice looking Tri's, were they already trimmed? I can get them for around $1.99 a pound, but not trimmed.
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Dinner and the dishes are done....

One of each sliced up... HoH on the top and Sweet Mesquite on the bottom.

HoH rubbed... this was our favorite...

Kirklands Sweet Mesquite... This had a good flavor but had a wierd initial taste that faded as you chewed... Was a little off putting.. I would use this again just need to figure out what it is and try and counter it a little...

And a loaf of Jalepeno and Cheddar Beer bread this will make great sandwichs tomorrow...
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They had a 3 pack in a cryo that weren't trimmed but really looked like a soup sandwich for $2.38/lb. I passed and got the pre-trimmed for $3.99/lb
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They Look Great...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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