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Get your money back and buy a Masterbuilt.
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I'm in 100% agreement with Ron.
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ok so i took the smoker back to were it was bought from they had one left it was the display and they told me i could have it if i wanated it soo i took it they also let me keep the old so now i have 2 of the exact same ones but the one does not work the other i used this weekend twice and works just fine.. what shoudl i do with the old one>
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Should be easy enough to fix and sell or you can keep it as a spare for parts! Score!
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coudl i just use it as a charcoal smoker? what do i need to do to it
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Don't ruin it with charcoal...PLEASE!

Here's a Hot Mod for repairing the wiring of your smoker. There's tons of posts regarding your issues, and fixes for them.

You may be able to post it in the Classifieds and sell it to a willing member.

What State do you live in?


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I got the Cajun Injector for Christmas and I absolutely love it! I used to use a Brinkman charcoal that I had to modify. It worked ok but the CI is like a dream! Smokes evenly, has 5 trays, fabulous temp. control! I've done bacon in it, chicken, salmon so far and all have been great!  Love it!

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