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I had some left over kielbasa at work after stuffing 50 lbs, so I rolled it into an old school fattie. Putting it on the UDS with a couple of chucks, a fresh picnic, and another regular old school fattie.

Heres a before and after of the kielbasa

not much smoke ring on this but WOW the flavor is amazing!MMMM Love Garlic!

The B & A of the picnic

Rub a dub dub

MMMM pulled at 204* ....Soooo Tender!

The Regular Fattie...mild smokey flavor. You can really taste the rub I put on it before the bacon wrap!

Group shot!

Thanks for watchin
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Looking Good!
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I so have to try making a fattie, that looked great
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I just had to look at this...that kielbasa mix had to taste like some of the best smoked sausage around!

That all looks mighty good!

You know, this reminds me of the pork sausage patties I stuffed with beef and cold smoked & seared over charcoal a week or so ago...very simple, but oooooooooh sooooo good.

It seems that the simpler things in life are so much more enjoyable, and these will remain an important part of our lives throughout all the ups and downs that this world can throw at us.

I digressed a bit...anyway, fine lookin' fatties, and tasty to be sure!

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AWESOME looking Qview! Love the "Porkapoloosia!!

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