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A tale of 2 chucks

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The other day at work I was filling the meat case and came across these 2 beautiful chuck roasts that didn't sell before going outdated.

I had to pull them and decided that they looked too good to end up in hamburger. So I brought them home,rubbed them with a little veggie oil and some greek seasoning.

On to the drum they went. First time with the new dome lid.It is half done but had to make it work since I had overbooked the space on my drum for today. Here they are a little overdone. Temps got away from me for a bit, but they will slice for some nice Roast beef and gravy over mashed potatos!


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Great looking Chuckie, very lean! points.gif
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How long did they take?
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Only bout 1hr and 45 mins but I had a temp spike up to 400*...the wind changed and I dont have my new lid fitting real tight yet. Ive found with the one 1-1/2 air intake if its facing the wind then she really gets some air.
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Yummy looking PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks tasty to me SOB!

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Looks like it turned out good to my eyes - Nice job
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