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Loins w/ Qview

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So after much discussion earlier today as to whether or not I could use boneless loins for pulling. After that I decided to just stick with sliced pork. So here are the before, during, and after pics.

Two half loins with a rub, one wrapped in some bacon (only had enough bacon for one)

These guys kept me company during the smoke

And here's the finished Q (the missus approved heartily)
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Looks nice! How did the interior moisture hold out for you, and what temps did you pull them out at?

The reason I ask is because I've only done one or two un-stuffed loins so far and they were OK, I guess, but I wasn't really excited about them...maybe I went too high on temps...I know they can be pretty touchy. I've done a few stuffed loins as well, and we liked them.

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I smoked them at around 225-230 until the internal temp was 155. After that I tented them with foil for about 45 minutes. The sliced pork was incredibly juicy and tender, with a beautiful smoke ring.
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OK, thanks...I'll keep it mind..I think I was smoking a bit cooler, and finished @ 160*+...can't remember that far back anymore.icon_redface.gif Maybe I have CRS? LOL!!!

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that looked good and yummy
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Looks great nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif and I agree just not a great cut for pulling temps. Good for Canadian Bacon, stuffed, or sliced like you did tho!!
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Looks great to me!
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By tenting them do you mean you took them out of the smoker and tented them while they rested?
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Sorry, yeah I tented them while they rested. After taking them out of the smoker I put the foil tent on and let them rest in the oven (which was not on)
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Those look delicious!
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Those look fine! I have only done a few loins, and they wanted to dry out on me. I even injected some but still wanting to dry out. Probably too little attention to the smoke/too long in the smoker. Yours look great! points.gif
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They look nice. I want to tackle some loins after my first packer.
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