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UDS Paint Jobs

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I'm seeing alot of cool ideas as far as paint jobs on the UDS. I figured I'd start a thread for them. I shoot bows so I did a take on a product from Burt Coyote company that makes "Lumenock" so behold the Burnt Coyote.

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That looks sweet man!
Did you use a template for that?
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I have a vinyl cutter and made the template. I sprayed with High Temp Rustoleum red paint, let dry and peeled of the vinyl.
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I live in SC so here are some collegiate UDS I have built recently and the Alabama was for a friend of mine's father who lives there.

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Nice job! Let them roll folks! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif The doors are a nice touch!
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Wow! That plum paint is killer!
what paint is that?
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It is actually valspar burgundy from Lowe's that comes in a spray can. Most people think you have to use high temp. paint on a smoker but as long as you keep the temp. under 450 deg. the paint is fine! If you have a grease fire or something in your smoker then you will be repainting!
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just for safety I would want to use a paint that was approved for cooking
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Duplicolor High Heat Engine enamel on the drum and regular Krylon BBQ paint on the lid. Doesn't have to be high heat but I liked the color (Daytona Yellow) and it was only $5 a can.

You don't paint the inside, you paint the outside. biggrin.gif

Besides, I don't think you would find ANY paint that would be safe to cook on.

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Thats a good looking uds!

RdKnB-- I did not know there were paints approved for cooking! The paint on the outside has nothing to do with the inside as long as the inside isn't painted.
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cool custom UDS's i like the door too, what are the functions of the door?
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Thanks! The door is in case you want to add more wood chips/chunks or charcoal if need be. Just nice to have if needed without taking lid off and losing all your heat.
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Same With Mine! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Here's mine:
High heat ceramic primer, paint an clear cote.
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i really want to add a door to mine so i can easily use my different flavored wood chips, would be great if you could give me the details?
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That is schweeet! I'm gonna have to do this to ya points.gifthough for 2 reasons not just the idea of the paint job but that you are a bow shooter too. I'm a bow shooter/hunter.
I have to build two and I'm tryin to come up with a scheme. One has to be a Steeler (not my decision) sfp and the other a Browns sfp.
Great job!
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Virginia Tech Drum Smoker

HokieSmokie - need I say more?

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I like how you did the feet.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Nice job on the paint job.
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I was cleaning in my shop and found a roll of 1/8 pinstripe tape and 2 rolls of blue masking then stumbled across an almost full can of high temp chevy orange leftover from an engine build...the rest just sort of happened!!!
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Awesome Paint Jobs Guys!


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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