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First Bratwurst...

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Made some Bratwurst today from a recipe my BIL dropped off.
I didn't have any pork fat so I just went with the fat that was on the pork. This recipe had nutmeg in it, and you could really taste it. These were good, but not great..

I cooked them on the Egg raised direct... then served them on a bed of kraut and grilled onions.

My BIL came for dinner and made Spatzel, and I made rolls..
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I am glad you can not gain weight just by looking
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Now I know we are our own worst critics. I know they are good looking sauasges and I would give them a try for sure with alittle mustard and some of the kraut too. YumO PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks Great Elly...
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They sure do look good to me!

I think many of us want to get "it" perfect right out of the gate (no matter what "it" is...). But most things in life -- and I think cooking is one -- take some practice and tinkering. Ease up on yourself....and maybe consider what you might do differently next time to get more of what you want/expect.

Good job from my vantage point -- you did it!
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look good to me ! nutmeg and mace , key ingredients to true German Brats
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Thanks guys - you are right, I am my own worst critic. These were VERY lean since I didn't add any additional pork fat. The recipe called for 2 1/2 poinds of pork and a pound of fat, which is probably what also threw off the taste a little.
The only taste reference I have is store bought brats - and that was the flavor I was expecting.
So - our second try at sausages, certainly won't be our last.
I think the thing I like the best is I know EXACTLY what went into them. There is something to be said for that.

Thanks again for the feedback - I am on a journey here so any pointers, suggestions, etc. are welcome.
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I make Brats every now and then. I travel to Germany every few years to visit friends. It has been a real challenge finding a taste that makes me happy and comes anywhere close to the Brats they have. I have enjoyed the journey and am still on the quest for the perfect Brat formulation. You are right, it is a big plus knowing what is inside that casing.
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I too just made my first brats, and also sweet italian sausage. I took the easy way out and bought spice from Butcher & Packer. I used 2/3 cheap pork shoulder and 1/3 lean venison. They turned out perfect. We did 24 lbs total, half brats, half italian sausage. Did some tailgate style par-boiled in beer and onions and then grilled. I have enough spices to duplicate , and then will want to try some recipes from scratch. Looking for everyone's spice recommendations for German style brats and for sweet italian sausage. I commend you for trying your first brats from a recipe, unlike mine from a spice mix.
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Very nice .....great job....picks look a little nutmeg in my brats.
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Those are some excellent looking brats, ellymae! When you are making your own, you can always tweak the recipe until it's just what you want. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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