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Kingsford Charwood

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I used this brand of lump today and was wondering if someone else has encountered what I did. I started a chimney full of lump and after heating for 5 minutes or so it started popping. I hear a little popping is normal but this was no little pop. It sounded like gunshots going off. It was enough of a pop to shake the chimney and the last of the pops blew out a crater in my driveway. I was using the minion method and it never did it in the firebox only in the chimney that first time.
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I tried that brand once- similar to yours, it popped all over the place. Somewhat dangerous when dumping chimney into fire box. I'll stick with Best choice/Royal Oak.
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Is your driveway concrete? If so it will do that. It's from the heat and has nothing to do with the wood. Charwood will pop as apposed to charcoal.
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yea i stick to the best choice lump coal... u cant go wrong for bout 6 bucks a bag...
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Lump chacoal pop, I have been using Royal oak lately and it pops all the time, More of crackle and pop. Just like B7B and some of the other brands
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I've been using Lazar Mesquite lump and it pops but nothing like yours did. I get 40 pounds for $14.00 and I like it.icon_mrgreen.gif
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Yeah if you read the review of the Charwood lump in the Naked Wiz data base it does pop like crazy. I bought it once and had to stand there with the garden hose to keep an eye on it. I stick with Royal Oak lump when I can, but if not I get Lazari. Lazari does pop a lot as well, but not as bad as the Charwood.

Since I use a mix of lump and briquets (helps keep burn longer and more even) I fill my chimney about 2/3 of the way with lump then top it off with briquets. The briquets act like a screen and keep the embers from flying all over the place.
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What you were hearing was the concrete popping.....moisture in the concrete is expanding due to the high heat..........thus the damage.
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