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Fishy taste

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Quick question for you guys.I took a bag of bluegill out of the freezer to thaw.Is there anything I can do to get rid of some of the fishy taste?Thanks!
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have you tried soaking in milk?
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Soak in milk or salt water.
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Yep...for pan-fish especially, just salt brine and go straight to the freezer after soaking overnight. Thawing in the brine helps to prevent oxidation and also gives 'em a bit more brine effect before cooking.

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I never soak my panfish but if I get a walleye or northern later in the year when the water is warmer then I soak them in milk after I thaw them out to get rid of the fishy/mud taste.
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Thanks a lot guys,these were caught towards the end of the year last year when the water was warmer,as rbranstner said.I will try both methods stated thanks!
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Now I have heard of soaking your fish in some milk. But you have to remember when fish goes bad they smell like fish.PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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I think I would worry more if my fish started tasting like chicken!

Just kidding,
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Yep, i have soaked bass in milk a couple times. Bluegill i dont think usually are too fishy. Use whole milk or buttermilk. Works well
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I've never tried it, but I've read where lots of guys bleed thier fish out by cutting a gill and throwing them in a bucket of water before they hit the cooler. They say it makes for a much milder fillet. I've never had a problem with gills, but know one guy in particular that used this method on them. Maybe give it a whirl this year.
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Promisekeeper - I have a bunch of fish in the freezer that was gill bled- Fraser River pink salmon from Seattle. It is excellent!! I do not know if the gill bleeding had anything to do with it, but NO fishy smell at all.
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Reminds me of a Jim Gaffigan Beyond the Pale comedian set. Quote "I like fish.,,,,,,,,,, As longs as it doesn't taste like fish.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I got news buddy I don't think you like fish". Great CD if you ever listen to it. Or it is on Comedy Central as well from time to time.
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Milk works well for Bluegill, for walleye you can zipper the filets (look it up on yahoo you will find a youtube showing how it's done) that takes away the little bones in the filets as well as the dark meat that contributes to the fushy taste.
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I used to soak barracuda and bonito in milk, it did help mellow out that fishy smell. BTW, those are salt water species that I caught in the Pacific.
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It works great with cereal. I soak my cereal in milk, and it never tastes fishy.eek.gif

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