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All in one package with Q view

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That was my entry in February, but then I realized that I had forgotten that I could not participate in February mad.gif
I could not remake it because I prepared yesterday for the last time

but I want to share it with all


Cod Fish
Fish rub
Grains mustard
Cold Potato puree
Puff pastry

Lay the puff pastry so that there is a dimple
In this you do spinach, there on top of the salmon fillet with the fish rub
Then a layer of grains mustard.
On top the white fish with fish rub, and finally the cold potato puree.
Fold the whole securely so that the moisture cannot escape

Preheat the smoker for a temp of about the 350F/177C, higher may but not less
Lay the puff pastry on the grill and smoke until golden brown + / - 35 a 40 min
Here I used Mesquite to smoke
It is really amazing how many smoke puff pastry absorb
A nice all in one package

icon_smile.gif A nice all in one package icon_smile.gif
Thanks for looking
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Holy Mackerel Geert that would have been a winner for sure. It looks delicious.
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As always looks fantastic, and great pictures. Wish you could have entered that in the throwdown, would have been a contender for sure!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yep that would have been a winner! points.gif
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WOW!!!! looks amazing nice pictures
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nice job.....i did the same thing last month and had to remake it.
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Amazing! Great job.
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I agree with the others you would have been in the running for sure
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Well Geert you sure have a winner in my book. points.gifAre a must to for just coming up with that one for sure. I really do like the dish not quite sure of what to call it but Geert's SUPER fish is starting to sound good thou. Did it dry out at all or did you leave some moisture in the spinach???
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hoi mark

You may not draining the spinach,because it tends to dry out
and reasonable use much butter in the mashed potato
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another great job. points.gif
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Looks Awesome!
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that looks real tasty, i'm happy you forgot the keyword so i get a better chance at winning!!!
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Thanks guys
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Looks like a winner in any court.-------->points.gif

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That is awesome. Almost a 'fishy fattie'

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Looks great. You and I both forgot the keyword. icon_redface.gif Live and learn.

(I'm glad I forgot it now. After seeing yours I would have lost to you for sure.)
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Geert That is a masterpiece! I have yet to incorporate pastry on my smoker! PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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