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What are neck ribs?

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My uncle raises hogs and my father went in on one a couple months ago, had it processed and loaded up his freezer.

I was visiting my folks in Eastern Iowa and he sent me home with some loins, shoulder roasts, hams, a BUNCH of fresh brats, and 3-4 packages of "neck ribs" What the hell are neck ribs and should I bother smoking them?!?

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far as i know, just a close relative of country style ribs, OR actually another name for CSRs.
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Well, I don't know - except there were other packages marked "Country Style Ribs" so it must mean something other than that - at least in the Midwest anyway.
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that must be the case - perhaps a regional name? i am just guessing then that they are a little higher up the shoulder (picnic is above the knee, butt is above the picnic and neck ribs must be above the butt?) but do not know for sure.
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I just did a search and all I could come up with was neck bones which are used in some sauces. Not meant for smoking I wouldn't believe.
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da neck rib
conected to da....
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Just aft of the neck is the shoulder and there's backbone and ribcage that comes off the butt portion. If you leave a little meat on them then these are 'neck ribs'; they're between the actual neck and the rib end of the loin; the bony portion under the label 'Pork Butt'. Alternatively, you can also make some out of the lower portion under the 'Pork Shoulder' label.

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