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Smoke Generator

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I am building a plywood smoker,would also like to build my own smoke generator.Have any of you built your own? I have seen all the ones I think that are showing up in the search just looking for all the info I can get on them Thanks
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I made one out of chemical pot feeder. It work good without the aquarium pump. The pot feeder is not cheap, but it will give you an idea of design.
Check out this link.
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I have two on my freezer conversion. The primary one is simply a metal box with a door (old printer cabinet), hot plate, stainless steel dog dish. Smoke is ducted into the freezer. The second is a Smoke Daddy style generator, made from Travcomans design almost to a T.
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Here are some ideas for you, and believe me these guns work great without any air pumps. Dennis.
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Originally Posted by Hounds51
You really don't need an air pump, just create a little draft in the bottom I am using home made 4" dia by 11" long main chamber, with a 2" dia x 10" long welded abt 3/4" down side pipe. See photo bucket. All you need is a good draft, no air pump required.

Think of your smoke gun as a wood stove give it more air under the grate, and you get a fire. Partically close up the bottom, you get a slow burn, or smoke. If you close up the bottom completely you will get a no burn. You must experiment a bit to get the slow burn, but it makes things easier, as you don't need electric to your smoke guns. Simple but effective
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Hello Mulepackin!

Congratulations on your smoker!

Excuse my English because I'm using Google translator.

I'm from Brazil and lover of smoked.

Pretty interesting its smoke generator, would like more information about it.

Would you send me some pictures inside so I can get an idea of how it is done, because unfortunately we do not have it here in Brazil to buy.

Thank you for your attention!


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Here's a couple I've made





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Please could someone explain to me how this smoke generator?

I tried to make one for me but I did not succeed, it is as if the sawdust is not lit, I put the air pump still did not work.

Big hug!

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watch this if this is the type you made



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Have you considered an AMAZE-N-SMOKER?  They are cheap and simple to use.  A lot of us have them and love them, the have a long smoke time and run on sawdust.




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What he said - I have a SmokinTex 1400 and have stopped using the chunk box at all. I use the A Maze N Smoker for all of my smokes now- the fact is that you get a consistant smoke that will go for 12 hours with the new 8 X 8 unit ( just did that last night )


This is the most reliable thin blue smoke generator you could ask for - Did bacon last nite for 9 hours and will be doing 25 # of Pork tomorrow with it


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