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This post has inspired me to try a Yoshida's Brisket!

A few questions for you...I noticed in your Yoshida's Pork post you used Apple juice in the injection, but for the briskey you switched to pineapple? Any particular reason?

Also wondering if the brisket became sweet, or like your poirk was it more of an added flavor than a candy-like sweetness?

Finally, what kind of rub did you use to go along with the Yoshidas?

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Ok sorry for the delay.. I cant check this while I am working, and have limited time on weekeday evenings. Only reason I used pineapple instead of apple was what I had on hand. In the flat, the meat took on a great flavor like the pork shoulder that I would not consider sweet. The bark did have a nice sweet bite to it however. I use a beef rub I created for Brisket.

Strachan Family Beef Rub

½ cup Turbinado (raw) sugar
3 TBsp Kosher salt
2 TBsp Onion powder
2 TBsp Garlic powder
1 ½ TBsp black pepper
1 Tsp ground Ginger
1 Tsp ground Thyme
1 Tsp Red pepper flakes ( double or triple this if you like things spicy)

The red pepper worked well with the little sweetness of the Yoshida's and beer mop.

The burnt ends were pretty sweet and tangy since I pretty much used straight yoshida's to sauce the ends.

The burnt ends were out of this world. Like I said before, I will be tempted to do the whole brisket in Yoshida's burnt ends next time. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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