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Yoshida's Brisket (Yoshida's Experiment #2)

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Ok since my Yoshida's pork shoulder was such a success I decided to try and graduate the experiment to a Brisket. I aquired a 13 pound packer this morning. Seperated the flat from the point. Trimmed about 2 pounds of fat, but left a 1/4 inch of the cap. I have injected both pieces with a mixture of Pineapple juice and Yoshida's. The juice is really just to thin the Yoshida's for the injector. It's covered and resting in the fridge with a Q time of about 8 PM tonight. I am planning on making Yoshida's burnt ends with the point. I'm drooling already... Not planning on putting the rub on until just before the smoke. This is a first for me, but it has been suggested when you inject beef, that it's not a good idea to rub until just before the smoke. Well see how that works. I'll post the Q view after I get the Yoshibeast into the MES.
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Sounds great... Can't wait for the results !!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Which Yoshidas did you use?
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Guess that means there is more than one?? lol Only one I have ever seen around here is the original gourmet sauce. Costco and sometimes Sam's club carries it in 1/2 gallon size containers.
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Oh, my brother, you have my attention!

Yoshida's brisket sounds like a winner!

I'll be watching for the finish, and whatever you can toss in during the smoke, too, of course!

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I'm looking forward to some Yoshida's burnt ends...Mmmmmmmmm
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One hour into the smoke. Pretty warm outside at the moment. 36 degrees, but going to be around 22 by the morning. Smoking with hickory. Going to be mopping with a mixture of Yoshida's, and beer. See ya'll in the morning!

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Point at 159, and the flat is at 156. Looking really good. Wont be long before I pull the point and chop it up to make burnt ends. Didnt get as cold as they were predicting. Only 30 this morning. Looking forward to Brisket sandwiches for the hockey game today. GO USA!

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From the looks of things, the shrinkage is telling me you're not too far away from dicing that point up.

The colors are looking great, brother...you go!

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That looks good, and yes go USA
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Pulled the point out and chopped it up. Took cooks priority and snuck an end piece. Flavor is out of this world incredible! Can't wait till it's all finished!

This is just after chopping and mopping the point.

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Now your brisket looks like it came out just fine and I really like your burnt ends too. But as for the yo****a's you can keep that stuff.
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Ends look great already, nice work! Can't wait to see them finished.
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Well wait no longer. I certainly couldn't! They are even better than I expected! Anyone that likes Yoshida's should give it a try. I'm munching on a Burnt end with Chipotle chedder sandwich as I type this. Going to have to clean the keyboard later LOL

Flat is at 190. Cant wait to slice that bad boy open either.

Here are the tasty pieces of man candy!

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Nothing like flavor with a little crunch. Points gto you my friend.
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Looks great!
Interesting combo with the chipotle cheddar, found some Borden chipotle cheddar that actually has a good kick to it, bet that would be great!
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This is some Sargento's Chipotle cheddar, and it was a great combo. Originally I was going for the Munster, but the chipotle caught my eye. The sweetness of the burnt ends mixed with the heat of the chipotle was very tasty.. Next time however I will be prepared with a sourdough roll!
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So after the hockey game I drowned my sorrows into a big ole flat of deliciousness. While the flat came out a bit overdone, it still had some great flavor. In the end however, I will be thinking hard about turning an entire packer into Yoshida burnt ends. They were truly amazing! Now what do I smoke with Yoshida's next?????

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Looks and Sounds Great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifpoints.gif
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Great looking smoke,that yoshidas is great stuff! I need to try the other flavors someday other than the original. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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