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Today's cheese smoke w qview

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I had the cold smoke generator going this morning so I figured I'd keep it going and do some cheese this afternoon. This is my 2nd time smoking cheese. Last time I just did a small brick of pepperjack. Today I'm doing a little more. I've got a brick of pepperjack, one of sharp cheddar, and one of colby. There is a mixture of apple and hickory in the smoke generator.

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Nice, just don't get anxious, let it mellow. I have some that I'm letting sit for 2 months, I've learned patience since I quit smoking. "Smoking Cigarettes" that is.
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Got them packed away to wait for a while. I only have ziploc bags (no food saver here). How long is cheese good for after smoking? Can I smoke up enough to get through the summer?

I was surprise by how much grease sweated out of the cheddar and colby.

It picked up a nice color.

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Nice on the cheese.
Regarding how much/how long - I would have to have a dump truck size freezer to get me to summer - Damn Kids! icon_smile.gif
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I haven't liked freezing cheese in the past, it gets crumbly...
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I really like your cheeses and I have to do some really soon too. Now as far as the length of time you can keep them in the refrig I would think for quite a long time thinking back to how long we have left cheeses in a zip-lock baggies. I'm not an expert but I would say around a month or so at least.
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Good looking cheese smoke. I haven't tried any yet as my wife doesn't like smoked cheese. Maybe I can do some just for myself.icon_wink.gif
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A month is about what I was figuring. Basically if you smoke 2 weeks worth of cheese every other weekend, gives you enough time to let it sit for 2 weeks, spend 2 weeks eating it; a four week cycle started with 2 week offsets so you always have smoked cheeses.

I guess I could smoke at night in the summertime!
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