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Cutting a pork but in half to save time cooking? - Page 2

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You can also use the long cooking time to really load up the smoker with side items. "Well, honey I figured as long as I was smoking anyways..."
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LOL!!!!! I was waiting to see where this headed off to before I jumped in.

I do have to agree with deltadude as well...I've probably been in the fanatic category for longer than I realize. I have had a few comments on progressive qviews regarding me doing a lot of long smokes or all-nighters.

The larger cuts of meat are the way to go in my book...melting away all of the nasties from a wicked cut of meat...the ugliest one you can find...and turning it into a masterpiece of table-fair...that is something to behold, indeed. That is what true Bbq is all about. The methods each of us use and the equipment we do it with may be a bit different then the next guy/gal, but the goal is the same.

As you said, pandemonium..lesson learned, but I don't blame you for trying. Any mistake is a lesson...I've made my share, no doubt about that. I've tried a few short cuts along the way in years gone by, for sure...most of which I probably can't even remember now, simply because I realized that it wouldn't be something I'd try again and dismissed the thought from my mind.

Anyway, you had to try and find out for yourself, and that shows some courage on your part. No real harm done in trying.

BTW, I had a 6lbr come out today @ 10 hours, and my 6.5lbr is on for 13 hours now...waiting for the finish in foil, but I'm OK with that...'cause that's just the way it is.

Happy smokin' to ya!

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i use a recipe off of bad ass bbq and smoke at 350---it taikes only five hrs and comes out very good.
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WOW that was like a pep talk before the big game. Reading that makes me want to stay up all night and smoke a 15 lb brisket
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icon_lol.gificon_lol.gifFirst signs of getting addicted!!! that's cool!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I ment the kick ass bbq method--sorry.
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