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Round Tip Roast Suggestions

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Picked up several Boneless Beef Round Tip Roasts (normally $5.49 lb, on sale for $1.88 pound). Now what do I do with them. They weigh around 3 lbs each, and I will only do one at a time. Just the hubs and me.

Bring on the suggestions.
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Italian Beef!!!
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And that is.......?

Sorry, don't know what that is. Not many Italians in Texas. icon_wink.gif

So at what temp. and to what temp???

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Italian Beef - it's a roast that you cook then slice very thin and then put in a spicy "gravy" - the red pepper flakes in the gravy give it a nice kick. I saw these sandwiches on The Best Thing I Ever Ate when Ray Lampe went to a place in Chicago - had never heard of them before, bit we will be making it again.

Here is a link to the cook I did a few weeks ago.

Italian Beef...
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The link for your cook looks great. At what temp did you smoke it, and at what temp did you pull it? Did you foil it, towel it, and put it in a cooler?
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Sorry - didn't smoke it, I used that funny little box in my kitchen called an oven....
Smoking would probably work too - you just need to be careful depending on how lean the meat is. The one thing I have heard and read about these sandwiches is you need to let the meat cool and slice really thin for best results.
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Hmmm I may just fix it for French Dip sandwiches using my slow cooker. Hey, it's still low and slow.
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I do them at 225 smoker temp usually with cherry wood and take them to 138-140 internal then let them cool actually I let them spend the night in the fridge then I slice thin and use for sandwiches the Italian Beef sounds good too.
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Make a CB or Pastrami out of them....understand they work great....!!! Going to try one next week after I get through with this Butt I have curing in the frig for next Sunday...!!!

Q Dawg
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