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Darn Beer

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This was my plan. Start smoking 2 briskets and 1 butt at 10:00pm last night. I got home after work at 2:00pm, started cleaning the house and started drinking beer. Had a good dinner aound 8:00pm, plus drinking alot of beer. Decided to take a 1 hour nap, and woke up at 4:00am by mistake, darn beer. 6 hours later I am smoking. I told everyone to come for lunch. Now I have to tell everyone to come for dinner, darn beer.
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LOL guess that plan backfiredicon_smile.gif
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I'll drink to that...
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Don't blame the beer blame the nap. haha
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Just finished a beer and am ready for my nap now!
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what he said^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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Power nap....darn
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Doggone beer has a tendency to do things like that. Oh well............

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Damn nap. Don't blame the beer.
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I hate when that happens!!
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Is the BEER a new highlighted word here, never saw it before? PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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I've had it happen too, however as long as there is beer around for supper I bet most won't mind.
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