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50 lbs of Snack Sticks

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Hopefully this photo bucket will show you captions on the photos. I really have a hard time making this photo bucket thing work. And yes I was drinking Coors light when I make my Que. Enjoy
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Don't know where the captions are going, damn this Photobucket!!!!
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I don't use "Photobucket", so I can't help you, but it's a shame it didn't work right because the pics you posted look like they are very descriptive, but too small. The captions are in the pics---also tiny.

Thanks for trying so hard to make it so perfect,
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THAT IS AWESOME, I totally wish I had a way to do this.

Me and snack sticks, don't get me started!!! icon_mrgreen.gif

So where did you end up getting your casing Hounds???
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That looks good, well done
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NEVERMIND, I found your other thread on these...
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