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Free ribs... w/ Q view

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Well, a friend of mine stopped by and asked if I wanted some free ribs. Of course, I'm thinking... Dang right I do. Well, as it turns out, he trapped a wild hog about two months ago he said. Then he fed it out on a corn diet since then. Today he killed it and dressed it out himself. He didn't want the ribs and I had shared some stuff I smoked with him once before so he thought of me. So we go around to the back of his truck and he opens up the cooler. There they are. Two whole racks of ribs. So I guess, what I've got is the baby backs and the spares still connected right? I'm not going to be able to smoke them until Tuesday but surely their fine in the fridge until then? I'm still thinking 3-2-1 like normal? Maybe soak them overnight in milk on Monday? Rub'em and let that sit for a couple of hours Tuesday before the smoke? What do you guys think?

Well dang... I went to take some pictures and my battery in the camera is dead but don't worry. I'll post q-view before and after they smoke.
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Congrats sounds like a good score. Since he fed the pig corn for a couple months I would say they should be plenty fatty and 3-2-1 should work fine.
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My olny pic....

Sadly... this is my only shot of q-view for the free wild hog ribs I got. My camera battery was dead so I was going to use my phone and got busy and forgot all about it. They turned out real good though!

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Now those are some good looking ribs that you got there Chef. I hope you do them right and since it was corn feed for a couple of monthes will it taste like a domestic pig or still have that wild taste to them.??? I cann't wait for the smoke and Qview. Would you still call them dino bones. They are huge too.
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Great score there. Something I would love to try.

While we're on the subject of different than your normal ribs, I had a whole sheep to smoke this past weekend. Well, 3/4 of it, as the other quarter went into a 25 gal batch of burgoo. But anyways. I was sooo looking forward to them as I had never had mutton ribs before. When they finally came off the pit, I was extremely disappointed. Literally like 95% fat. Only a few mouthfulls of good meat on both racks combined. They were big and pretty when finished. Just not worth the trouble. The shoulders and hind quarter (is it still considered a ham if its on a lamb?) were fantastic though.
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free ribs are always good
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Sorry there was no q-view of the ribs after they were smoked. I was so darn excited and hungry I chowed down and didn't think a thing about the camera. They were good though. No gamey flavor at all. Not as meaty as store bought ribs but hey... they were the best free ribs I've ever smoked! LOL No complaints from me. If you ever get the chance... sure don't turn it down.

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