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Frozen how long?

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Alrighty have a nice set of ribs I pulled out of the freezer letting them thaw out in the fridge. Was going to put the rub on tonight. If the ribs are not 100% thawed out should I wait to do the rub??
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Sorry nobody got to you sooner, as you've probably already made your decision. I would rub it down even if it wasn't fully defrosted. As it sits in the fridge overnight continuing to thaw, the rub will still do its job. Now it should be fully defrosted before smoking though.
let us know how they turned out
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What he said. I never have put them on the smoker still forzen - I would worry about the 4 hour getting to 140 rule.
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What THEY said icon_mrgreen.gif!
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You could always put them in the sink with cold water like you do a turkey and help them thaw out a bit.
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Excellent thanks for the answers :D
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