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More Mofungo

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A while back some of you might remember me stuffing various meats with this latin american favorite. Crushed tostones(twice fried plantains), crispy pork skin and fresh garlic. All crushed together. Stuffed a sitloin and a loin, both were brined with a heavy cumin and garlic brine.

crushed and fried

and fried again

sirloin on the right, loin the left
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Oh man that looks good. I'm going to have to try that combo, I enjoy fruit stuffed tenderloin, I can't imagine what that tastes like, but it's got to be good!

Thanks for the q-view!
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You've got some very interesting flavors and textures going on in that dish. Is it possible to descrive the taste? All in all, thanks for sharing a good post.
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Well , the pork tastes like the puerto rican pernil(roast pork) and the mofungo tastes like what it would talste like if you put a tostone in your mouth at the same time as some porkskin and garlic lol, of course the tekture is softer. Just really really goo. Of course I also bathed the pork in annato oil. Not sure if that worked against the smoke absorption, but they were very light smoked.My intenet was to wrap in a banana leaf but all my banana trees are torn from the wind and cold.
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Nice fungo WZ.
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