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A few days ago I scored one of these.

I checked it in some boiling water and it read 211 - so, good to go. Mind you, I'd also done that to two other analog thermometers with the same results. During yesterday's smoke, the digital read out was a good 90 degrees below what the analogs read. Now I have a better idea of why my cooks up to this point have been less than stellar more like crusty and black.

I suspect that over time we can all get a better handle on controlling temperature but unless we have a thermometer that's correct you'd just a well be a screen door salesman in a submarine factory.

btw, when I calibrated the analog thermometers, I didn't have heat resistant gloves and I'm guessing that measly 2" stem got my non-asbestos fingers too close to the boiling water for a legit reading.

I'll probably get a couple of spare meat probes later today at