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Just ordered my big block!

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Well, my nice phat tax return just came in today, so I paid off some bills and got the approval from the Mrs. to get my big block. Since the nearest Bass Pro is about 45 minutes away in Cincy, and having to work pretty much every day for the next week, I opted to just place the order online and have it delivered. Granted, the extra $45 on top of shipping is a bummer, but I'm too thrilled to let that get me down. Besides, I have a buddy that is going to buy my GOSM wide body off of me for $50. He's been wanting a smoker for awhile and has been afraid to pull the trigger, so I told him that I would sell him my old one when my new one comes in.

So now I'm playing the waiting game (should be here on or around the 5th). I'll make sure to post the qview when I get it fired up!
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What is the difference between the Big Block and the wide body?
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2 lower dampers to go along w/ the 1 on top, instead of just the 1 on the top of the wide body, and on the new version, comes w/ 4 racks instead of 3. I also think it is a "tad" bigger too.
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Congrats on the new smoker.
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Congrats! Dayton is an old stomping ground, Med school there.
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Congrats on the new smoker PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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You will be Happy that you made the UpGrade.
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Congrats on the big block, you will be very happy with your Q'ing results.
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I tell you what, if I was in Vegas right now, I'd be on a hot streak. After receiving the good news about getting an assignment to Italy yesterday, I was blessed with another great suprise big block arrived 3 days early! I got it all put together and it's being seasoned as we speak. Sorry no qview's right now, my camera battery died. I will say this, landman has heard our cries on the chip box. The new one is a massive cast iron box! The only negative that I have found on it is that the water pan literally almost sits right on top of the chip box. Well, as soon as the cam's done charging, I'll snap off some pics!
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I can already tell it's going to take a bit to get used to using the big block. I had the flame on low w/ the vents 1/4 open and the top wide open. Got it to hold temps around 168, but no smoke since I'm using chunks. I could catch the faintest smell of hickory though and a lot of impurities as to be expected. In order to get my temps up though, I've got it cranked up to medium and the temps are on the rise but only up to about 190. It's pretty cold here today, but does anyone have any advice on getting the temps up on the big block without jacking the knob up to high?
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What is wrong with turning up the knob to high?
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I guess nothing lol. I got my problems taken care of now though. Like I said earlier, it's going to take getting used to. On my wide body with the knob turned on low, I was never got it under 250* unless it was winter time. I've got a tun of white smoke going on right now (actually the last 45 mins) with 4 chunks in the box. I might look into sticking my stainless box back in. For those who use a cast iron pan (that's what the box is made out of) how long do you guys get white smoke going on?
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I run mine with the vents closed to the stops and the gas at the mid mark and it maintains about 230-250. With it at low, it got to about 180. On high hit over 300.

I didn't run any tests with the vents in other positions.
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Congrats on your new smoker. Wouldn't it bin easier to cut in some vents you can buy them at Home less or depot.
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Not after watching a friend of mine attempt it and screw his gosm up lol. Besides, I'm helping a buddy out by selling him my old one. He's been wanting one for a long time, but his wife wouldn't let him spend that much cash. On a side note, I snapped off a few pics for you guys to enjoy.

As I said earlier, Landmann must have heard our cries about the chip box, so here's the massive upgrade

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Cool! Congrats on the new rig! Now be sure to post us some qview.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Well, here's the innagural (spelling? lol) smoke that just got under way.
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