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Ash pan for a UDS

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Do most people use an ash pan in their UDS? If so, what is best to use?
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I think most people do but there are a few people that don't have ash pans and they seem to like that as well. I just found a galvanized feeding tub at Fleet Farm and burned it off and use that under my basket. Its the perfect size.
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If you would look in the build section of this site you will find a build with a built in ash tray. It was a spring clip ring that was added to to create a perfect ash tray. Here's a link to it for it was Wutang.
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I use the charcoal tray from one of those cheap portable charcoal grills

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i use a 16" pizza pan from wally world
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Ditto. Bolted a pizza pan to the bottom with a couple inches of clearance. Works great.

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Great ideas, thanks for sharing.
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A disc blade on one

and the cut out lid of the drum on the other
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No ash pan here, just have a removable bottom, works great for major cleaning but was thinking I would add pizza pan to mine just for eze of use. Otherwise I just shop vac it out.
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