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I have been outside smoking babybacks since four this morning. going to camp lejune friday to see my son off to afganastan. god bless the Marines. Going to have a cookout with some familys and Marines on Sunday. 13 hour drive but who cares.they will love the ribs and the serloin stk. that I am bringing. Play some wiffle ball and a few beers. God bless america.Sorry if my spelling is off. Lot of tears in my eyes.
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Im sure they will enjoy all of the food and god bless them for being willing to protect out country.
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Semper Fi

Chef John, an apology is never appropriate when used in the context of the men and women serving in our armed forces. Have a great time, take lots of pictures and be sure to thank your son and everyone else for their service on behalf of all of us here at the SMF.

Be sure to tell your Marine to be safe! Semper Fi (thought that'd be OK even though I'm former army?

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Enjoy the ribs and thank your son for his service.
Good luck to him.
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Yes, please send along well wishes and prayers from SMF. Lots of folks here who appreciate and respect the service men like your son provide. The liberties we enjoy, the freedom we have is protected by those brave young men and women. God bless them all.

Best wishes to you, your son, and all his fellow servicemen.
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