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marinade injector worh the money?

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I've bought two plunger-style flavor injectors this winter, and both have crapped out after only a couple uses!

The first one - I totally expected it to be was the free one that comes attached to the Cajun Injector marinade products that you can buy at Kroger, Wally World, etc...totally cheap plastic and I didn't expect much.

The next one I got at Target for around $6.00 I looked to be of a much more rigid plastic, but on my 3rd chicken - it cracked where the needle threads on the the syringe.

My question is, what do you all use for injectors and where do you find a decent quality unit? I don't want to spend a huge amount, but I'm willing to pay a little more for one that will last!

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I don't use one yet but will be following this thread for some pointers.
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This is the one I have:

I'll be honest and admit I haven't used it yet, but from what I can tell of the build quality it's well worth it. It can hold probly twice the liquid as most I've seen at stores, is all metal and has a good handle at the end.

Edit: yeah, mine looks just like the one the post above, but holds 4oz.
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Wow - those both really do look great. I didn't think I'd have to spend $30 on one, but I could live with that if it performs.

Most times in life, you get what you pay for.
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I think I may have gotten the same one you purchased years back.

It also cracked. I called the company and they sent me out a new one. I have two stainless ones now. (Pricing error at Lowes) and two of the ones youre referring to. Call the company and you should be able to get a new one... Also, youll have some spare parts from the old one.
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I have the same one as Reichl and I love it.
Got tired of the plastic ones going bad after 3-4 uses so ordered a nice stainless steel one, now I can inject like a mad man and give horses steroids if ever need be.
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I use this LEM injector, and for the price you get 2 needles with it also.
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Ha! Never know when that might come in handy!
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Cabelas or BPS

I just bought one from Cabelas for $20. It is all stainless steel and even came with an extra gasket for the plunger. I doubt I will be replacing this thing anytime soon. Worth the $$ IMHO. When you buy the best you only cry once.

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I use an old Ideal veterinary vaccine gun, and good meat needles. The gun can be purchased from Tractor Supply online I believe, probably other online vet sources, as well as a local farm type store. The needles can be had at butcher packer, allied kenco, etc. I like the squeeze action far better than the 3 ring syringe. Much easier on the hands, especially with big loads. (remember to click the thumbnail pic for a larger view).
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Now that looks like a quality piece of equipment.
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I use the stainless steel version, and it's a big one so I can handle briskets and butts. It looks like the one Reichl uses.
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Thanks for all of the good info. Stainless steel it is! Ordered today!

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