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How would you smoke Orca?

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I hear there might be a few tons of whale meat available soon in Florida.

How would you guys suggest smoking a 20 lb chunk of orca?
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When I first read the title, Thought it said How would you smoke OCRA?
Find the stuff disgusting so my answer would be, not in MY Smoker!

Now as to whale meat? The Inuits eat the blubber raw I do believe, but I think some Killer Whale smoked at 200* with driftwood for smoke flavor on a bed of seaweed and a side of seal would be quite tasty!
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I dunno... stuffed with trainer perhaps?
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That's just plain wrong.....

You'd need a BIG bacon weave too!!
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Make sure you brine it as well!
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I hear you need to use a ponytail weave to keep it from exploding.... or something like that...
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Look up how to cook porpoise and just add a couple of hours.
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Already been brined!
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Would the meat be closed to tuna or beef???
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I don't expect that it would be too different from the manatee bacon and sea turtle eggs that were breakfast.

I guess tat I had better add JUST KIDDING or wild life folks will be storming my house.
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I have had some along time ago and it's really geasey. There's alot of fat in the meat too. The last time I smoked it for about 3 days at 260° and it was really good but I wasn't a memeber here and didn't know about Qview either.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Did ya mean smoking or smoking with?
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With a .50 cal from about 10 yards...then mesquite for about a week
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I thought all the whales were in Vegas?
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i dont know abought whale but i know baby seal when clubed properly is tender and juicy.icon_twisted.gif
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I Baby Seals!
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I heard it tastes like chicken
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