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rain rain go away!!

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Guys I need suggestions!! I have a 7lb bone in pork butt on the smoker... Its about 4 hours in and the meat temp is 120.. now a cold and steady rain is coming down.. moving the smoker is not an option.. I have rigged up an umbrella over the fire box...

anyone with experience in this matter?? what can i expect from the rest of the smoke? I already spiked the temp by wanting to make sure I had a good fire before I covered the fire box...


Thanks in advance!!
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Pork butts are more forgiving when it comes to smoking at different temps. What is your target temp? You can smoke at 250 - 260 no problem. As far as the rain - I guess it depends on the smoker build, but you shouldn't notice too much of a temp drop if you have the firebox covered.
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I am trying to stay around 250.. not to concerned if it dips below that a little.. just haven't dealt with how the rain will affect temp and time.. thankfully it seems to have slacked off some. I appreciate the quick response!!
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If I were you I would immediately put that butt in a hot oven real fast. 4 hours and 120' is dangerous for food safety. Maybe you can still save it, you need to get it up to 135' asap. Also try checking the temps in different places.
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make sure your thermometer is calibrated......if it is then like ron said get it in a hot oven fast.
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Definately won't hurt to put it in an oven to get up in temp a bit then back into the smoker to finish..
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sorry for the alarm

Guys thanks for the heads up on the temp.. I may have misread the digital gauge.. I am now just over 5 hours and the temp is 155. I had some green saran wrap covering my two thermometers..whoops!! I am out of the danger zone, and I havent even started in on the Crown and Ginger!!

Things are lookin up out there.. no more rain and temp is holding well

I appreciate your help!!

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PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif They don't make 'em any easier to read... Better leave the crown alone today.
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I hate to say it and don't hold it against us but it the oven time for sure, Your meat has gotten a good amount of smokey flavor so your good there you just don't want to take a chance of sitting with the procelean goddess all night.
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In all my conversations w/ her (only one food related- thanks Applebee's!), she listen's to every word I say, lol. But agree 100%, it's oven time for sure.
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You win!! its in the oven now!! thank you for all the concern.. I appreciate it as a newbie and I dont want to be praying to the porcelain all night!!

for the record I was stone cold sober when lookin at the temp but it was a downpour and it was a quick glance.. my bad completely!!

now the hard part is over and the oven will take care of the rest!!

Thanks again for all the help.... you guys rock!!

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You can always do what I do even if I think there's a remote chance of rain, stay's bone dry and so will you and your equipment

Not to mention your canopy starts to smell like smoke, so it's win-win! You and your smoker stay dry and every time you use it, you get to smell that beautiful smell. When I did a brisket over night in the rain, I took a tarp and wrapped it around the side and zip tied it so both the wind and rain didn't have any effect on the smoker.
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I don't know if you've noticed....

Whenever you have to bail out on a smoke, the kitchen always smells much better. You get your smokey meat & another shot at smoking the next time the sun comes out. Good Luck!!
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