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Pork Butt question

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I am going to smoke a 5lb butt boneless this weekend. I know to smoke to temp. My questions is should I expect the boneless butt to cook faster or slower than a bone in butt? I know as a basic guideline to allow 1.5-2hrs per lb. Would this still be about right for the boneless butt?
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Should be the same . The meat does not know there is a bone in or not . But I don't have the most experience at cooking pork YET >
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Just to give you a heads up, I smoked a 5 lb butt the other day and anticipated around 10 hrs......I threw it in at 5 a.m., and 12.5 hrs later, it only reached 175*. I was going to do the no foil, but since it was it was getting late, I foiled and threw it in the oven to finish up.
So, my advice, if you want it done by dinner, always give yourself way more time then you expect to need (I didn't follow my own advice icon_redface.gif). If it gets done early, wrap it in a couple of towels and throw it into a cooler (which you should be doing anyway for at least an hour to rest).
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I agree with this 100% . I cooked a 7 lb bone in last Friday night and well into Saturday around noon . I put it on at 11pm Friday night and took it off around 11:30am Saturday , great taste but would not pull except on the outter edges . sliced great as the temp as at 195 . To reach pulling it needs to hit 200 to 205 . I figure if I cooked mine for 15 hours it would have been perfect . Keep in mind that smoker cooks at 225 to 235 with a water pan in it .
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I pulled mine out of the oven when it hit 200* and let it rest. It pulled pretty easily, but the bark was non-existant, which was a shame because I love bark.
My GOSM does 250-265 easily in the summer icon_mrgreen.gif It sucks though because I'm constantly battling the high temps. It's kinda nice in the winter though because I don't have to worry about it. Oh well, hopefully some of these problems will be solved here in about 2 weeks when I get the new big block!
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