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Rare chuckie

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Going to do my first smoker chuckie on Saturday. I plan to inject and marinade overnight in the frig. with Cajun Butter marinade. One hour before smoking I will put on my rub and crank the smoker to 235-250. After that????? Hubs and I like our roast rare and sliced. To what temp. do I smoke it? Should I foil it and put it back in the smoker and raise the temp.? Or should I foil it, wrap it in towels, and put it in the cooler?

Or am I better off smoking it for pulling? I don't have a slicer PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif, so I won't be able to get it as thin as I would like.

Okay, let the suggestions roll in.
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chuckies are better pulled imho.

if you want to do a slicing beef get a top round, or a sirloin tip roast.

good luck.
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Im sure someone with more knowledge than i will correct me...but if you inject dont you need to go beyond rare?
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Yea I am pretty sure you are right. Someone just made a post recently about this subject. Basically the rules are any time you place anything foreign into the center of the meat (ie. injections, slicing it open, temp probe etc.) you are contaminating it and it should be brought up to 160 to kill off any bacteria that you may have introduced into the meat.
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Please consider a different cut of meat if you want to serve it rare. A chuck roast is a collection of different muscles. Some are pretty good and tender like the muscles that makes up the flat iron or chuck eye but others are tough as nails if not cooked beyond the point where the connective tissue is broken down. I know people who enjoy chuck steaks on the grill. I'm not one of them. To me the chuck is a perfect cut for low slow cooking, be it on the smoker or braised in the oven or on the stove. There are much better choices for a roast meant to be served rare to med-rare.
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Looks like pulled it is. Thanks smokers
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you may not necessarily be contaminating it but the potential is certainly there and this is why precausionary steps are taken.

and like scubadoo97 said..........chuckies are great for slow cooks and other options are better suited for rare preparations.
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Is there a list somewhere to find what is good for pulling and what is good to serve med-rare. I just got started and have only done pork so far but my wife wants some beef. I have looked at things but so many options for beef not sure where to start or what to buy for pulling and for slicing. A nice list sure would be helpful.
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Outside of a Flat Iron steak, stay away from most thing that came from the front 1/4 area of the cow; the chuck, brisket and fore shank. As you move back you get to the good stuff for rare; the rib, loin, sirloin, short plate and flank. The back of the cow; the round is often used for roasts that can be served rare. They lack the fat for tenderness and juiciness like you find in the middle of the cow.
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If you want to go rare consider a top round roast or sirloin tip roast I like doing both to about 136-140 and slicing them thin then the left overs make great sandwiches. I do slice chuck roasts sometimes but I take them to about 190 then rest and slice
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Thanks guys. That gives me a good start. Now I need to buy a chuck roast and a top round roast. Get some of both worlds in a smoke.
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