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Ground beef...

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I like making this, even if it's hardly sausage at all. The more I read about how it's made (let alone every new recall for E. coli), the better the idea of making my own seems.

I've gotten good results. It crumbles well (especially when cooked straight from the grinder), but it also firms up into patties really well also. I've been using chuck roasts on sale... but here's the problem:

I'm going to be moving to Lubbock, TX (got a job!) and the supermarket chain there (United) sells totally different cuts of meat compared to what Kroger or Publix makes available. I checked and double checked... and while the Texans seem to love their brisket and steaks, no chuck. So, is pretty much any cheap beef good enough for this? Obviously, I'll get different amounts of lean/fat, depending.

On the pork side of things, they seem to have a smaller section than does Kroger, but cheap pork butts are there ($1.29 a pound, while not on sale). Fatback, though, was not to be found.

The only real highlight is, that at least with their larger flagship store, fresh herbs and spices were available. So, at least I have that.
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You can use most cuts for ground beef. I have used London Broil when it goes on sale. I use 85% London Broil and 15% bacon. So far its some of the best ground beef I have made.

Once your there try a few different cuts and you will be surprised with what you get.
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like bmudd said you can use any cut that is available. one note to add is different cuts have different flavor profiles not just different fat contents. some cuts have more of a liver flavor while some have more of a blood flavor and so on. try different cuts and see what you like..............
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Post pictures of any cuts you like; there are only so many ways to chop up a steer and I'd be glad to identify them for you. Unwrap the cut and remove it from the package, get as much head-on shot as you can, may have to turn off your flash also. I'll also try to use the pics and descriptions in the fore and hind sections I'm developing if at all possible.
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utilize pops as a resource.....he really knows his stuff. just look at his avatar!
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They might not call it a chuck roast, but they must have the same thing just named differently. Look for blade roast, pot roast, 7 bone roast, shoulder roast,arm roast (not truly a chuck, but pretty close). They might even have some other regional nomenclature for it there.
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