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Smoked Seared Spares W/Qview And A Question

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I was watching a special on TLC about rib joints and couldn't resist calling Sam's club to see if they had any single slabs in the display case and was told no but they would do it for me. They are labeled brisket removed and when I urwrapped them I found this.

I have mostly done Baby Backs and I looked all over for pictures and really don't think the brisket bone has been removed.

I called Sam's back and had them look at the ones from the 3 pack and he called me back and was told yes it was. I still think they are mislabeled, what do you say?

Since I want to eat tonight and I got a late start I seared it to cut some time. I don't really have any use for the trimings so I am doing it whole.

More to come as it progresses.
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I get the 3 pack and that's what mine look like Ron. I usually trim off the upper part ( St. Louis Style ) and smoke it all together.
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Yup... what Pig said. I actually prefer the St. Louis to the BB, but thats just me. biggrin.gif Plus the trimmings make a great "snack" about 3 hrs. into the smoke.
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+2 what Pig says. I trim them up as well. I was curious if anyone else noticed that. I know they lable it trimmed but when i get it home it never looks like it.
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I agree with you Ron, I think it is mislabled. Looks like all the spares I get. Personally I like to alternate between BB's and spares just to mix it up a bit and keep in practice.
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Sure looks like an untrimmed spare rib slab to me. Get them that way all the time 3 in a cryovac bag. Get them from BJ Wholesale or Restaurant Depot. I just remove the membrane, dry rub and smoke em 3-2-1.
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Done And Eating

Here are the rest of the pics.

I cut off the thin end before it got dried out.

An hour later I sauced them.

Looking good.

Cut and ready to eat.

Little potato salaad on the side.

They were good but I still like Baby Backs better but not the price.

Thanks for looking.
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Looks Great Ron, a 5 star Meal...
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Sorry Ron, if and when I but trimmed spare, they don't look like dat.
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I am so glad to see that potatoe salad on the side. I thought everyone in here was a "Slaw" man. Nice work on the ribs.
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I think you'd feel/notice the actual brisket bone, it's huge.

They do look "untrimmed" but that actual bone looks removed to me
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