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Here are a few plans I've found online
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Pretty sweet! Thanks for Sharing. Can someone tell me what the circle that says "salt" is in the plan?
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i would love to have the time and space to build one.........thx for posting!
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Just a guess, but it might be to help control humidity. In some of my readings on meat smoking/curing, some people use a big pile of salt to control humidity in a refrigerator. They take a large pan with some water in the bottom and add a big pile of salt in the middle... as the humidity in the room changes, the salt pile will either absorb more water or more water will evaporate to stabilize the humidity... or something like that tongue.gif If you google "saturated salt solution humidity" you can read more.
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Very nice and they could be very helpful to some one here too. Thanks JerryPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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It might represent a salting barrel for dry salting meat that will later be smoked.
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The first thing that came to mind was Himalayan salt blocks. So I bet it's used for thermal regulation. Like a water pan, only different. But then, it doesn't seem like enough to make much of a difference.

Maybe it's for smoking salt?
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Here's one more option for building a smokehouse...

Another thing to watch for when building a smoker... not all plywoods are suitable to use for cooking foods!! Be careful and check your materials before building.
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